Thursday, April 19, 2007

About Me

Iam a housewife and we live in virginia USA. I have a 18 months old daughter who is very naughty.

I enjoy cooking and used to cook even in my teens. But when I got married and started to cook everyday, it was a kind of responsibility. We are food lovers and my husband is a very picky eater. So eventually from responsibility I changed my attitude into passion. Now i love to cook good food with lots of variety.

My mom and my mother-in-law are very good cooks and they cook simple traditional food. I love to eat only when there is variety and so does my hubby. So i started cooking trying various innovations. Belive me some of the recipes in my blogs are my own creations. So i will share both my innovations and tasty simple recipes of my mom and mother-in-law which i miss a lot. I learnet most of the recipes from my mom, when i cook them they do not turn out so well. The reason is very simple, that it is the love with which she cooks.

All of us relish the authentic taste of our indian food. Far away from our motherland i miss our great food. Indian food has so much of variety that though there are so many sites to look around, still each and everyone of us have many new recipes to share. This idea made me think of blogging. I cook with passion and i would like to share my recipes with you all.

I dedicate my recipes to all the food lovers and I hope everybody enjoys reading my blogs. I will try to keep the recipes simple yet creative.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.

have fun blogging


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